Ostarine ( MK 2866 )

What is Ostarine?

Ostarine is a SARM developed for the prevention and treatment of muscle wasting by GTx. Ostarine, aslo known as Osta, and MK 2866, creates anabolic activity at certain androgen receptors and is effective in maintaing and increasing lean body mass. MK-2866 is also known as Ostarine and was developed to fight muscle wasting and one day might be used to treat cachexia, atrophy and sarcopenia as well as for Hormone Replacement Therapy or Testosterone Replacement Therapy

How does Ostarine work?

Ostarine, Osta, is shown to bind to the androgen receptor, increasing protein synthesis and enabling bone (osteo) and muscular (myo) anabolic activity. MK-2866 effects muscle tissue almost exclusively minimizing the risks on growth effects on the prostate or other sexual organs.

Benefits of Ostarine

Recent studies have shown that MK-2866 increases protein synthesis which causes muscle growth similar to steroids but with minimal side effects. Studies show ostarine can be used for lean muscle mass gains, losing body fat, recomping, and injury prevention. Ostarine is non toxic to the liver or blood pressure, and it does not have androgenic properties in non muscle tissue.

Ostarine side effects

Studies have shown that a possible side effect of MK-2866 is a slight elevation in serum estradiol levels. This increase is very small but aromatase inhibitors can be taken for added protection.

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